Sunday, February 6, 2011

How To Put Batteries In The Euro Sealer

It Has Been a good week-end overall. Went to Inferno and danced like a loon for a couple of hours. Both WAS Daytime busy days with lessons, although re-scheduled Were Many from the week-but still good That They Did not just fall through. Last Night I Went To [info] na11e1y ; 's birthday dinner at the Churchill Arms in Kensington, WAS Which Both cheap and tasty, always a good combination, Even Better if in good company. Went with Them to Dead and Buried But Was a bit too tired so only Had one pint (or WAS it two?), Took A Few pics, chatten with a FEW people and Went home.

Today ... late slow start in the morning, Which I Needed, leisurely breakfast, gym session (still hate the place but it is good for me, innit) and then busybusy with lessons till quite late. Not too bad overall.

Just learning through  [info] arkady 's  DW  that Gary Moore died today. At my age. And somebody I know from the Apple Mac world had a heart attack and several emergency operations this week. At 36. Eek. Reminders of the thin ice we so carelessly tread...


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